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GDPM Book CoverIn the GDPM Book the authors give detailed and practical guidance on how to plan, organize and control projects effectively by presenting the methods and tools that will significantly increase the probability of project success. Understanding the author's messages is a prerequisite for achieving the GDPM Foundation Certificate GFC. The paper book can be purchased at Kogan and Page.
Electronic copies are available at Amazon (Kindle) or Apple (ibook) or other shops.
Chapter 13 of the book was recently published and is now available here for free.


GDPM Training PMI

The course gives 30 PDUs in all. It is in total 5 days but may be split up into modules. The course is offered in English and Norwegian. The purpose of this course is to understand the concepts of GDPM and in which context it is useful min project management, and acquire practical skills in using the GDPM techniques

  • Day 1: Overall concepts and issues. Introduction to book and case study
  • Day 2: Foundation of the project
  • Day 3: Milestone planning and organizing
  • Day 4: Estimating, activity planning and uncertainty
  • Day 5: Reporting and monitoring, Financial control, Principles and procedures, Multi project management, Summarization and Multi- choice questionnaire

There will be a mixture of lecturing, group exercises and plenary presentations and discussions More details as well as course registration are available here. or contact EuroConsult

GDPM Training provided by Alliance Members

The GDPM Alliance Members provide various GDPM Training courses. There are one day GDPM introduction courses or two day courses where in most cases the planning of a real project is being carried out. They also offer dedicated train-the-trainer courses for where the training skills and workshop facilitation skills are key topics.

Learning by Doing

Most important aspects in GDPM, after individuals have understood the basic concept using GDPM in practice. At the beginning people are normally exposed to GDPM in team member roles and step by step approach a leading position in projects or programs where they "sell" GDPM to the management, train teams and lead planning sessions as well.