GDPM References

Reference Description Country Industry Year
GDPM Training for CERN Laboratories in Geneva

november ag, co-founding member of the GDPM Alliance, has been selected by CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland as the training provider for GDPM. CERN is using GDPM since more than 10 years. A first training on GDPM has been run successfully for CERN in November 2014 and we continued providing them with quality training.

Switzerland Others 2021
GDPM in the Energy Sector in Switzerland

Groupe E is a leading and highly trusted Swiss energy provider headquartered in Granges-Paccot (Fribourg, Switzerland). Its own production plants (proprietary and holdings) consist of hydro and thermal power plants, which produce almost half of the 3 TWh sold annually. The company supplies energy for over half a million people in the cantons of Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Vaud and Bern.

Switzerland Energy 2017
GDPM in the Government of Suriname

The Government of Suriname needs to implement significant and far-reaching organizational changes in the Ministry of Finance (MoF) with about 1000 employees. Furthermore, given the scope of the proposed reform program, the MoF will require to improve capacity of public servants involved in its implementation. Key aspects that require to be strengthened comprise

Suriname Government 2016
GDPM for PoC at British Telecom

Des Pulleyn, Programme Director citation: "I used GDPM techniques to deliver a £250m contract with (X contractor) for BT - essentially we had to prove that mobile traffic could be run across the Ethernet Network which had not been done before. Time scales were very demanding e.g. had to set up a field trial (for proof of concept) within 6 weeks of contract signature.

England Telecom 2009
GDPM for Machine Development at Satisloh

The long-term experience in combination with the expert knowledge and the innovative energy makes Satisloh one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to complete solutions for optics manufacturing and reliable high-tech equipment.

Germany Manufacturing 2008
GDPM for British Telecom Wholesale

As part of a wider transformational change initiative the Information Management team were set up to look at ways of improving the quality of data systems, free up incorrectly recorded copper assets, reduce billing errors and save a target of £50m in costs.

England Telecom 2008
GDPM at British Telecom BT Openreach reduced Time to Market

John Greene - Senior Product Lead for Ethernet Strategic Transformation: “We were looking for a practical, easy to use and adaptive project management approach to energise and mobilise a large team of Product Managers. We wanted to drive change in the way in which they approached the "Concept to Market" process and to launch products to market quicker and more efficiently. We decided on Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) as our delivery method of choice.

England Telecom 2008
GDPM in one of Swiss Government's largest IT programs

The NOVE-IT program of the Swiss Federal Administration has been launched in 1997 and fully implemented by the end of 2003. The objective of NOVE-IT was to establish IT as a management resource to improve quality and flexibility and to raise efficiency by 130 million Swiss Francs a year. The objective was largely met, thanks to a total investments of some 210 million Swiss francs.

Switzerland Government 2003
GDPM implementation at Graubündner Kantonalbank

The Graubuendner Kantonalbank (GKB), a mid-size Swiss State Bank, was founded in 1870 and offers all services that makes up a modern universal bank, for individuals, for the economy and for public authorities. The canton of Graubuenden which is spread over a large area and is multi-lingual requires flexible, innovative and comprehensive solutions and services at 73 branch locations.

Switzerland Banking / Insurance 2000
GDPM for building traditional cabins in the Norwegian mountains

The cabins are built with a technique called “stav laft” . The first floor built of standing staves and poles, the second floor of lying logs. This is a construction technique dating from the Viking age.

Norway Construction 1992
GDPM for the Balloon Flight over Mt. Everest

Our very talented and committed team were planning to fly the first hot air balloon over Mount Everest in 1989! The project evolved from initially being named “Star Himalayan Challenge” to “Balloon Over Everest”. We had bought the bespoke balloon, sponsors were on board, media entities were committed, and very many individuals and organizations in the UK and dotted round the world were heavily involved.

Nepal Others 1989