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Goal Director is a set of Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) tools that enables large and small organizations to easily implement project management throughout the organization. It allows distributed project teams to collaborate in the planning and execution of projects. The application can be used stand alone, or as a client/server in house or over the internet.

Feel free to download and try our 30 day demo. After providing your email you can easily download the product files.

  • Windows and UNIX Version is avaialble
  • Windows (64-bit) edition users must download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine before installing Goal Director
  • To avoid problems, remove any old versions of Goal Director and make a backup of the database before installation
  • Goal Director Light for java 2 is not available at the moment
  • Goal Director introduction and help are provided here

Important Notes

  • If you cannot access the database after opening Goal Director, read instructions in the README file.
  • If you have installed a broken version of Goal Director, please remove it before reinstalling.
  • Initially the supervisor password is gdpm

Technical requirements

  • Goal Director runs on Java version up to1.7.x. It does NOT work with version 1.8.x and newer. If you have Java 8 or newer installed, you have to uninstall before installing Goal Director
  • The Java 2 installation is included in the GoalDirector installation, and you don't have to download it separately

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