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How to read a GDPM Milestone Plan

For those who have never been exposed to a GDPM milestone plan, a short explanation how to read the different elements of the plan. Easy and straight forward. Have a look.

How to read a GDPM Milestone Plan
GDPM in Multi Project Environment

The new Norwegian Edition (2016) of the GDPM book has an additional chapter "GDPM in Multi Project Environment" incorporated. At the moment we do not publish a new version of the English GDPM book, therefore we deliver this additional chapter 13 as a separate document for free download!

GDPM Book - NEW Chapter 13
Our Tribute to Rodney

Rodney Turner has had great success within the academic field of project management. This issue of IJPM is celebrating his achievements. Rodney has held professorships in different countries (presently at SKEMA Business School, Lille, France and Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and been visiting professor all around the world.

Our Tribute to Rodney Turner
Quality Management in Project Work - A Proposal for Method Selection

Published on May 31, 2017
Author: Per Olav Istad PMP, Supervisor and teacher at

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GDPM, the next 30 years

A look back; Success stories from projects delivered with GDPM and the Future of GDPM. Discussed and presented at the Brussels' meeting on Oct 15, 2015.

00-Introduction-Leslie.pdf , 01-30 Years GDPM - Kristoffer Grude.pdf , 02-GDPM Introduction - Erling.pdf , 03-Case Mission Breakdown Structure.pdf , 04-Success Case-Rolf Tschaeppeler.pdf , 05-Success Case - Tom Helderweirt.pdf , 06-Success Case - Peter Overgoor.pdf , 07-Future of project management - Rodney Turner.pdf , 08-Future of GDPM.pdf
GDPM Abstract and Presentation

These are the abstract and handout from the PMI-Summit 2010 in Munich (in German). Links in the documents are no longer correct.

GDPM-als-Mittel-zur-erfolgreichen-Projektumsetzung-Abstract.pdf , GDPM-als-Mittel-zur-erfolgreichen-Projektumsetzung-Präsi-2010.pdf
GDPM in a nutshell - the essence in 10 minutes

This article has been written in 1988, and, it is still valid and represents the rock in the breaking waves of project management! GDPM Article This article explains the GDPM approach and its benefits in 6 pages.

GDPM and PSO in a Nutshell