The GDPM Founders (and others) @ Brussels in 2015

GDPM - What is it all about?

The central focus of Goal Directed Project Management is to develop understanding, commitment and involvement while managing successful and lasting change. GDPM emphasise the need for a 'PSO' (People, System and Organization) perspective that goes beyond the technical aspects dealt with by most project management approaches, enhancing and prolonging the life of a project by allowing the people and organization involved to develop simultaneously with the system.

GDPM in Multi Project Environment

The new Norwegian Edition (2016) of the GDPM book has an additional chapter "GDPM in Multi Project Environment" incorporated. At the moment we do not publish a new version of the English GDPM book, therefore we deliver this additional chapter 13 as a separate document for free download!

The article explains multi project management, program management as well as project portfolio management and shows examples how GDPM can effectively used for supporting planning and management of programs and portfolios.

A must for GDPM practitioners!


Are you fluent in GDPM?

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GDPM Tool based on the Notion Platform

Notion is a powerful and flexibel platform which allows quick delivery od personal Apps. This GDPM App is designed for small and medium projects (e.g. 1 to 20 team members) and provides the following benefits using Notion:

The Essence of GDPM

The essence of GDPM is not about slavishly following a process.
It is all about people interaction, gaining consensus and engagement. 'Those
who deliver - do plan the project'
It is also iterative - embedding risks, stakeholder management and other
activities back into the plan to make the milestones more robust. This means
that risks / issues are not managed in isolation but as part of the normal
delivery progress review.

Citation from Nigel C.

How to read a GDPM Milestone Plan

For those who have never been exposed to a GDPM milestone plan, a short explanation how to read the different elements of the plan. Easy and straight forward. Have a look.

Our Tribute to Rodney

Rodney Turner has had great success within the academic field of project management. This issue of IJPM is celebrating his achievements. Rodney has held professorships in different countries (presently at SKEMA Business School, Lille, France and Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and been visiting professor all around the world. He has gotten rewards for his research from both PMI and IPMA. Rodney is the author or editor of eighteen books, (if we have counted it right). We guess more are coming. He also has an impressive list of journal articles and conference papers.

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